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Street Wraith :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 1 0
MMXII / 'Elementalist'
I am the sea,
vast and unfathomable
come down to me and see
things thought unimaginable
monsters that lurk beneathe
the easy waves and the calmest sea.
I am the mountain,
with rocky hills and ravines
go deep into me and find
riches beyond your wildest dreams
feel the heartbeat of this earth
where you will rest forever in time.
I am the wind,
hear me whisper and wail,
see me dance around you
take hold of me and fly
miss the ground or
you will die.
I am the fire,
I can be warmth or pain
a lightbringer or ruinmaker
watch my flames as they dance wildly
I want to embrace you but you’ll burn
I’m both a man-made and natural undertaker.
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 0 0
Poison In The Soul/Mind/Body
Is it any wonder that I feel like wasted?
Seen and heard too many lies,
need to stop believing.
I've open my soul too many times,
now there's poison in the mind
now there's poison in the body.
I've closed my eyes too many times,
believing that everything is gonna be alright
thinking away the problems of today.
But the jokes are on me,
as it seem like when I look
they look scarier than before.
I've open my mind too many times,
now they've put poison in my soul
now they've put poison in my body.
I've let them experiment on my body too many times,
now I'm poison to the mind
now I'm the poison of the soul.
But jokes are on me,
because can't stop I liking
being your choice of poison.
And I'd settle for the lies now,
because the truth has become poison
and if I believe in it I would die.
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 2 0
City Magic = City Life
Skin like asphalt,
exhaling diesel fumes
diode eyes flicker and see
the blood in these veins are coolant
life = magic = life
the voice is synth and electric
cobbled city spirit amalgation
run like the underground train
fly like a swarm of metal-sparrow
see like the Thousand-Eyed Spider
with lidless hi-tech lenses
watching everyone
you walk these streets
ignorant to the magic
thus ignorant to the life
but sometimes
you ...
sometimes you can hear it
the song of something greater
a sussuration of digital thunder
the anticipation of an unseen audience
whispers in the telephone
faces watching you on the tv
strangers turning around to see you
there is a call
waiting for you now
will you answer it
will you let fate do
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 0 0
Mature content
Bwana wa Kifo - Lord of Death :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 0 0
Million City Spirits
At the beat of the drumming,
tribal thunder of the underground
  as we dance as we run
on the loud note of trumpet
summoning of the musical demi-deities
  as we sing as we speak
with the sound of rumbling sax
raise a million city spirits
  as the rhythm becomes alive just like us.
And as the beat of the rhythm,
gets faster and faster
so does the dancing
so does the singing
so becomes the day
never seeming to slow down
and the sound turns to
chaos and discordance
 but we still sing and dance.
Surrounding us now
are the spirits of a million city
encircling us and everyone
frolicking in ultra rapid
are we slowing down
or are they speeding up?
And the demi-deities of music
turns into glass giants
multi-colored evershifting titans
dancing and singing
to the reverbaration
of drums
of trumpets
of sax and song!
Until the crescendo hits
the final limit peak
it collapses into itself
and in the end
we all remember
with a big smile
and feverent joy
the tribal thunder
of the und
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 0 0
Tales of a Madman 114. 'At The Edge Of The Abyss'
We stand at the edge of the abyss,
the dark prophets words were the truth
and the living darkness surrounds us
no more light and no more life
the fire's going out
oblivion and obliteration
what mistakes we made
which we'll pay forever.
Watching the dead rise,
walking among the living
with despair in their eyes
and hollow faces
silently screaming
for release.
We're the shadows,
we're the whispers
in the wind
 of a broken time
where all things
 comes to never die.
Standing on the precipice,
of the afterlife
with one side in Limbo
and the other in Earth
tearing our souls
rending apart in two.
I'm a shade,
I'm a spirit
forever adrift
in a sea of space
where nothing can
hear my forlorn plea.
We fall down into the abyss,
with open arms and acceptance
with silent prayers in our hearts
that this will be the end for us
but all we see is
ourselves standing at
the edge of an abyss.
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 0 0
We conquered the stars
deciphered the magic
turned the clock back
to end this farce
 Decursu saeculorum
Consumed by our own darkness
we cling to the faith
deluded by the lies
brought by the bringers of hate
 Homines semper nititur

Now and forever
a perpetual reign
a call of delusion
our time here is ephemeral
 Invenire vias vitae aeternae
Time to become something more
correct all life's wrongs
be reborn into someone strong
to set yourself free
from your Lord's leash
  Sed solum reperit in supplicium æternum
Death abolished
ignited by science
an eternal erasure
an ambition to us all
 Pro superbia.
From the nadir of ourselves
we try to find the perfect zenith
of tomorrow's azimuth
by watching the horizon
collapse around us all.
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 4 0
Tales of a Madman 113.
Sad hungry sighs and loud stomach growls,
tired of staying awake to watch the world go wrong
feeling restless as the morrow comes uninvited.
The hum of the thought-machine,
the soft songs of mind-to-dream interface
constant death cycles played on repeat!
Becoming like sleeping clayman and shape-master of mindscapes,
shedding form upon form to revel in creation
new code released into the augmented surreality matrix.
Quiet shifting quantum computing,
realization that life and death
nothing more that endless binary cycles kept in equilibrium!
Pandemonium ensured by strings woven by poly-dimensional beings,
insectoid eldritch strangers playing puppet-masters
unknowningly and not-understanding that they are the playthings of greater beings...
Calm stomach growls,
whimpering sad hunger quelled,
feasted upon man-made madness.
Created madness made by being not entirely a being of flesh and blood,
but also in form of an un-existing not-being made ethereal by dreams.
Sleep calls to us all and wi
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 0 0
Doomday's Children Rhyme
Monday's child is but a ghost with a white face,
Tuesday's child got Satan's hellish grace,
Wednesday's child is the embodiment of war and woe,
Thursday's child has to tread where angels fear to go,
Friday's child is unloved and unforgiving,
Saturday's child works hard to raise the sleeping unliving,
But the child borne under Sunday,
the misfortunate child who comes on 'the Doomsday'
is cruel and truly a terror in every way.
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 3 0
Mature content
Tales of a Madman 112. :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 1 0
Mature content
Tales of a Madman 111. :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 1 2
Mature content
The Fate of Alfmund. :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 0 0
Mature content
Tales of A Madman 110. :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 1 2
Mature content
Can't Believe This Is Love :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 2 3
Mature content
The Summoning. :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 3 0


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Greetings, Earthlings!
Call me Yz, I come in peace.

Tales of a Madman is a thing I do.
I make parodies of songs too.
Some days I submit something "artsy" which are made in dAmuro.
Something new I might do is Larceny Needed.
So I'm feeling the writing mojo vibes coming back to me, so expect stuff being written.
Actually I got a ton of scraps I can have a go at. So yeah.

EDIT: NOPE, false alarm. Still no writing mojo vibes happening. ; n ;
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